Our Fees

Should you choose to use our Full Architects Service, in which we work with you on your project from start to finish, our fees will be quoted as a percentage value of the proposed total building works cost.

Fees are usually invoiced at completion of project work stages in the following proportions:

  • 35% at submission of Planning Application
  • 20% at submission of Full Plans Building Regulation Application
  • 20% at completion of production information for tender
  • 25% from tender to completion on site

Invoices are sent at the end of each of the above stages, unless your project is of sufficient size or complexity whereby each of these stages might take several months to complete. If this is the case, then invoices will be sent on a monthly basis.

Do I need to sign anything?

Yes. After our consultation visit we will send you a Memorandum of Agreement and Schedule of Services and Fees. This is a formal letter of appointment which not only gives our conditions of appointment but also includes an RIBA approved schedule of services. This clearly identifies the services we will offer for the fee agreed. It is these conditions of appointment, that we ask you to sign and send back to us.

Please note that as a registered member of the Architects Registrations Board it is part of our code of conduct to enter into formal written agreement with clients.

To find out more about the services we offer, please see our services page, our FAQ page or contact us at enquiries@malcolmjenkins.co.uk.